Happy New Year 2016!

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Happy new year 2016!
I wish this year will be a good year 🙂 And all of us shall be granted happiness, luck, wealth, and many other good things to come!

For now, I am more active in my Facebook Page rather than this blog, but I shall update every once in a while.

There will be updates on Commission Fee, Commission Form, and Commission Information, plus additional Terms and Conditions before hiring me as your faceup artist.

Stay tune at Sorenka Artwork, and thank you for reading~

Jessica (Sorenka)

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Valentine/White Day 2015 Mini Giveaway

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Happy Valentine everyone! ^_^ ♥

I wish all of you have a happy and lovely day today, showered with love from your loved ones, family, and friends 🙂 As a form of love towards the dolly community, Sorenka Artwork presents the Valentine/White Day mini giveaway, the prizes are not much but they are given with love ♥

The winner of this mini giveaway will be announced exactly on White Day, March 15 will be hastened to March 01 for efficiency. And it is open to local and international participants, either they ever use my faceup service or not, all of you are welcomed to join ^_^ Three FREE FACEUP coupon and a special Valentine / White Day gift box are offered as prizes~

(p.s: inside the gift box is one box of Kemmy Kitchen’s Homemade Sugar Scrub, and other cute stuffs)

Valentine poster 2

How to join the giveaway is very simple.
You just need to share your view on love and dolly love.

Some questions that may help you in the comment:

  • What is love to you? How do you define love?
  • What about the love towards your dolls? What form of love do you have towards them?
  • In your view, what are they? Are they your children/ best friends / fashion muses? Or are they simply collections?
  • What about love towards the doll community?

You may answer in any way you like, tell me your story, or may expand the subject as long as it is still about love and dolly love! ♥

After you have thought about the answer:

1. Drop by this link or simply through the widget below.

2. Just log in to Rafflecopter! It is totally safe. Use FB account / your email address

3. At first, you will only see two methods of entry: leave a blog post comment and subscribe to Sorenka.com. Pick Leave a blog post comment first.

4. Don’t press ENTER yet~ Leave your opinion exactly below the post (in the comment section). If you prefer to share in your own social media like Facebook, it is also okay, as long as you tell me (and copy paste the comment here in this post, otherwise I will never know that’s you)

5. Then, after you have left a comment, go back to the Rafflecopter window, press “I commented!”

6. Afterwards, subscribe to Sorenka.com as requested (can only be accessed via PC)

7. See that more entries will be unlocked! ^_^/

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The three faceup coupon will be raffled randomly using Rafflecopter. But I will personally picked one comment which commenter share the same idea of dolly love as mine, to get the special gift box 🙂

I wish you a happy Valentine day!
Jessica / Sorenka Artwork

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Sorenka Artwork 2nd Anniversary Giveaway – Client Speciale Winners!

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To begin with, to all of the 10 participants of this second giveaway, which all of you are my faceup clients, thank you so much for your participation! (≧▽≦)ゞ I really appreciate all of your effort for the entries. Most importantly, it is an honor to be able to paint your beloved dolls. Thank you for your trust towards Sorenka Artwork.

For now, here are the entries, not in its original submission order ( ´∀`)
Special thanks and credit to Jessica, Nindy, Even Stella, Anindya, Yuliani, Fransiska, Alya, Fera, Ian Sefrian, and Putra.
I hope for all of your support for the upcoming year for Sorenka Artwork.

Click read more to see who’s the lucky one! 😀

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