To begin with, to all of the 10 participants of this second giveaway, which all of you are my faceup clients, thank you so much for your participation! (≧▽≦)ゞ I really appreciate all of your effort for the entries. Most importantly, it is an honor to be able to paint your beloved dolls. Thank you for your trust towards Sorenka Artwork.

For now, here are the entries, not in its original submission order ( ´∀`)
Special thanks and credit to Jessica, Nindy, Even Stella, Anindya, Yuliani, Fransiska, Alya, Fera, Ian Sefrian, and Putra.
I hope for all of your support for the upcoming year for Sorenka Artwork.

Click read more to see who’s the lucky one! 😀

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The lucky winner for Sorenka Artwork 2nd Giveaway – Client Speciale is Anindya Putri!!! Congratulations girl!! ( ´∀`)
Since 2010 it has been an honor to be able to paint your handsome boys.
I hope to work together again with you on the next year and onwards ^_^

Vince Orin