A Call for Sponsors! ^_^

A Call for Sponsors! ^_^

Hello everyone!~~~

Time flies by and as it is approaching June, Sorenka Artwork will turn 2 years old very soon ^_^ I, Jessica, and my new daughter Ayaya (which is my lovely models for the “Call of Sponsors”) want to say lots and lots of thanks for those who supported Sorenka Artwork: beloved customers, suppliers, web designers, and all of the others who can’t be mentioned here.. Thus I will conduct another giveaway just like last year! Maybe with changes in the giveaway form but with LOTS and LOTS more of prizes 😀 (and of course, including free faceups~~)

Therefore, if you are interested in becoming this giveaway’s sponsor this year, contact me! Deadline for sponsors will be May 15 just like last year 😀

Benefits for sponsors include:

  • Attachment of sponsors’ logo alongside the e-poster and e-banner of the giveaway event
  • Promotion and product review on every social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Tumblr, DeviantArt) during the giveaway event
  • Attachment of sponsors’ logo in Sorenka.com’s BLOGROLL page until unlimited time ^_^ *right next to this page of the post*
  • Sponsors’ name card / flyer (if any) will also be put inside the giveaway prize boxes
  • SECRET PRIZE from me after the giveaway ended~ ^_^ *may vary depends on your location*

Details on sponsorship:

  • Deadline date for sponsors application: May 15
  • Deadline date for shipment of sponsorship items: June 1
  • For Blogroll, please provide your own logo’s link and picture + your web address, must be in 200×50 pixel size
  • Business especially dolly-related ones, such as tailoring services and accessories makers  are welcomed to join!

I hope for the support of the old sponsors too~ ^_^ Hopefully you will support this event again this year 😀

Oh and also if you have any ideas for the 2nd giveaway or critics related to the 1st giveaway and how to improve it this year, don’t hesitate to tell me 😀

A Call for Sponsors

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