Grand prize photo revelation for Sorenka Artwork’s 1st anniversary giveaway:
Custom OOAK Obitsu23 doll by Sorenka Artwork and Imstudio Adsfactory

Don’t forget, there’s still 1 week time (until June 30) to join the giveaway and maybe you’re lucky enough to be her new master ^_^
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Prize Revelation 3

She will be home to her new master alongside her wig, eyes, stand, body parts, plus a dolly laptop from Kuso Regroup~

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OOAK Obitsu2

OOAK Obitsu1

OOAK Obitsu3

Details of the faceup:

2013.06 Obitsu23 4

2013.06 Obitsu23 2

2013.06 Obitsu23 1

2013.06 Obitsu23 3