Can’t believe another year has passed. To all of you, my family members, my loyal clients, fans, sponsors, fellow friends in the dolly world, and a lot of other people which I can’t mention one by one….THANKS A LOT! Without all of you this giveaway won’t be realized. Moreover, Sorenka Artwork will never exist without all of you (´・ω・`)

So, to celebrate the 2nd year of running this faceup service, I want to do another giveaway! ♥ This event is open to local (Indonesia) and international participants just like last year (≧▽≦)ゞ But to make a difference, this time there will be TWO GIVEAWAYS. Yes, TWO GIVEAWAYS. Just like Sorenka Artwork’s current age.

The first giveaway is open for public. Clients, fans, owners, and even SPONSORS. (Yes, sponsors may also join this giveaway~!) But…….. the second giveaway ONLY applies for Sorenka Artwork’s clients! ^_^ If you have a doll that has ever been painted by me, either recently or quite a long time ago, you may join this giveaway! And yes, you can join the first one too! Who knows that you will win both giveaway? 😀 ♥

Poster Giveaway 2B

This post is mainly for the first giveaway.
There will be lots lots more of prizes provided by Sorenka Artwork and our beloved sponsors:


This time there will be SEVEN Fukuburos!
1 SD Fukubukuro
2 MSD Fukubukuros
2 YOSD Fukubukuros
1 Pullip Fukubukuro
1 Lati Yellow Fukubukuro

These gift bags contains these items, mixed fairly as according to the value:

1. From Bow N Button
A scrapbook items set + 2 doll flower crowns

2.From Monica Dwiana Putri / Espoir Dream
A YOSD outfit set

3.From Marissa Tan Ming Scrapbooking
A scrapbook set + frame

4. From Lita 張伟莉 Kelishop Craft
A crocheted Lati Yellow outfit set + shoes

5. From DPoupee
A Choco_Chouchou OOAK Bunny headband

6.From Yessyca Erina
An MSD shoe

7. From Noviany Danielle Toko Pullip Indonesia / Dandelion Dream Doll shop
An MSD outfit set

8. From Rinyfashion Doll
To be announced

9. From Pitsu Pitscraft
A cute fluffy SD cape

10. From Louisa Dark
A 16 mm eyes, an MSD outfit set, an original BJD photo set, a YOSD pink hat

11. From Annrie Handmade / Annrie Rie
5 cute elephant gamimi~~ ^_^

12. From Nats Aswad
SD-sized necklaces set

13. From Melinda Tejo Prawiro
An SD outfit set

14. From Little Miss Joanna
A Pullip outfit Set

15. From Kiki Makes Things
To be announced

16. From Minseokiedoll
6 pieces MSD sized outfit

17. From Tingtong Knitting
to be announced

18. Random gift for dolls and owners from Sorenka Artwork


One OOAK customized Parabox 23 cm Obitsu Doll by Sorenka Artwork and The Imstudio
plus wig, stand, dollie parts


Three more Extra Free Faceup Coupon from Sorenka Artwork*
plus bonus elephant Gamimi by Annrie handmade each

* For faceup fee only. Winners have to cover the shipping cost and other cost to redeem the prize! What’s best, you can also give your free faceup coupon to your friend in case you yourself don’t need the service ^_^/

PLUS (wait… there’s ONE MORE!!!)

Just like last year’s giveaway… EVERYONE IS A WINNER! :D
For those who participated in Sorenka Artwork giveaway will instantly get a 10% discount for one head faceup!
All you need to do is just mention your nickname (which is used in the entries) and your email address.


>>>>>>How to join the 1st giveaway

1. Drop by this link:

2. Log in to Rafflecopter! It is totally safe. Use FB account / your email address
3. At first, you will only see two methods of entry: comment and subscribe in my web
4. Don’t press ENTER yet~ Leave a comment exactly here in THIS post as requested in the Rafflecopter window.
5. Then, after you have left a comment, go back to the Rafflecopter window, press “I commented!”
6. Afterwards, subscribe to as requested (can only be accessed via PC)
7. See that more entries will be unlocked! ^_^/

>>>>>>Are there Rules/Tips in filling each unlocked entry?
1. Go on! Be crazy! There are multiple ways for you to submit an entry and make sure you fill each of them! ^_^
2. One ID per person. Duplicated IDs will be considered invalid.
3. Each entries will be moderated and deleted if invalid.
Note that Rafflecopter DOESN’T GIVE US THE CHANCE to redo the entries. So fill each entry carefully!

>>>>>> When does this end and how do you select winners?
This giveaway will be closed on June 30, 2014. Selection of winners will be done via Rafflecopter.
Results will be announced within the first or second week of July. I will contact the winners personally but there will be a winner post in

So, have fun and wish you luck! Will wait for your entries! ^_^
Jessica (Sorenka Artwork)