Sorenka Artwork 2nd Anniversary Giveaway (2)

Sorenka Artwork 2nd Anniversary Giveaway (2)

If I retraced my memories, back then in 2009, I could only squealed at the beautiful pictures of dolls and could only dreamed to be able to work in this industry one day. After two years learning on how to paint a doll head,  I first started Sorenka Artwork with hope for this tiny dream to become true.

A year passed by, first Sorenka Artwork giveaway, totally glad my artwork received a warm welcome from dolly community.
Lots of dolly friends, acquaintances, supporters, clients, new and old come and go…. Lots of ups and downs but I was really happy following where Sorenka Artwork took me to where I am now.

2015 and onwards? No one can predict, I guess. But for sure, Sorenka Artwork will always continue to provide the best for their customers and keep improving (≧▽≦)ゞ

Client Finale Giveaway 2

For Sorenka Artwork’s faceup clients, this second giveaway is special for you.
It is a form of my thanks to all of you for supporting Sorenka Artwork these two years (*^∇^*) ♥♥♥
Being Sorenka Artwork’s client means you help my little dream to survive and to become a bigger dream. Only because all of you are here, Sorenka Artwork exists and will still be exist in the future.

There will be only one special client that will be chosen as the winner of this giveaway.

The prizes are:

(with FREE normal eyelashes and FREE return shipping)

1 Scrapbooking Set provided by Ming Scrapbooking and Bow and Button
(with FREE wooden frame and FREE design)*

Why scrapbooking set as a gift, you ask?

Well, according to Ming’s owner Marissa Tan, a photo put in a beautiful frame is one way to make a memory eternal. Our memory together is the process of painting your doll, for us to know each other better, for me to turn your request into a work of art, and to breathe life into your doll.

To some of you maybe, is only a mere artist-client relationship. To some others, it is a close friendship relationship or maybe a rivaling relationship.. But no matter who you are, I believe in good faith that everything happens for a reason. I can know you personally in this world through your doll, clearly there must be something that triggers it. A link between us, maybe, which allows us to meet though indirectly. (I prefer to call it “the closeness of karma”) and I don’t want the memory to be forgotten… I want it to be remembered instead.

and I agree with the opinion, the memory can be eternalized in the form of a picture. A picture of your doll which has my faceup artwork (and maybe with you in it? ^_^ ♥) put in a beautifully designed scrapbook frame set.

>>>>>>How to join the 2nd giveaway

Basically if you have a doll with Sorenka Artwork faceup, either through personal commission or bought second-hand, you are eligible to join the second giveaway ^_^

The rule is quite simple:
1. Take a picture of your doll (or dolls) with Sorenka Artwork’s faceup. The theme is up to you!
2. The picture must contain this writing: “Happy 2nd Anniversary, Sorenka Artwork”.
The writing can be typed, hand-written, photoshopped, etc. The doll can simply hold a paper with your handwriting, or it can be typed directly onto the picture using Photoshop or other apps.
3. Then, post the photo in your Facebook, tagging me (Jessica Yolanda) and mentioning Sorenka Artwork FB or you can also do it for multiple times in your other social media account like Flickr / DA / Twitter / Instagram ^_^
4. Go to this Rafflecopter link:

5. Copy the link of your post, and paste it  in the Rafflecopter window
6. Also, please fill in the “Critics and Advice” section in Rafflecopter link.
7. One photo for one client ^_^ But you may include all your dolls (as long as they are customized by Sorenka Artwork) in one frame.
8. Dolly props and photo quality DOESN’T MATTER. What matters to me is your contribution ^_^

The winner’s photo will be printed in glossy photo paper and attached in the scrapbook set made, designed, and provided by Ming Scrapbooking and Bow and Button and will be sent to the giveaway winner.

So, I will wait for your participation! 😀
Jessica (Sorenka Artwork)

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