Below are lists of our beloved sponsors ๐Ÿ˜€
Thanks a lot for your participation ^_^

1. Bow N Button Full
A bow and button shop, also an accessories maker for dolls

2. Monica Dwiana Putri / Espoir Dream
Dolly Boutique. She makes great OOAK dresses for dollies including Dollfie dreams ^_^

3. Marissa Tan Ming Scrapbooking
A scrapbooking service, great for gifts for many occassions

4. Lita ๅผตไผŸ่Ž‰ Kelishop Craft
Specialized in handmade crocheted items, Kelishop offers lots of accessories for your dollies

5. DPoupee
Dollies one stop shop!~ ๐Ÿ˜€

6. Yessyca Erina
Unique doll accesories maker ^_^

7. Noviany Danielle Toko Pullip Indonesia / Dandelion Dream Doll shop
Dollies one stop shop! ๐Ÿ˜€

8. Rinyfashion Doll
Another beautiful doll clothes maker, more specialized in Barbie dolls

9. Pitsu Pitscraft
Fluffy accesories for your little fellas, handcrafted with love by Pitscraft

10. Louisa Dark
An Indonesian dolly photographer who’s also a great dolly lover~

11. Annrie Handmade
She makes really cute gamimi~~ ^_^

12. Nats Aswad
A Singaporean dolly photographer~ Visit her DA to know more about her dolly hotties ^_^

13. Imstudio Adsfactory
Manga tools and obitsu expert~~

14. Melinda Tejo Prawiro
Dolly accessories maker~

15. Little Miss Joanna
Dolly accessories maker, Estebella scrapbook service~

16. Kiki Makes Things
She’s a great artist and doll accessories maker!~

17. Minseokiedoll
Finest handmade Men BJD clothes

Sponsors FAQ:

  • Deadline date for sponsors application: May 15
  • Deadline date for shipment of sponsorship items: June 1
  • For Blogroll, please provide your own logoโ€™s link and picture + your web address, must be in 200ร—50 pixel size
  • Business especially dolly-related ones, such as tailoring services and accessories makersย  are welcomed to join!