Sponsor Review #1: D’Poupee, Dandelion Dream Doll, and Espoir Dream

Sponsor Review #1: D’Poupee, Dandelion Dream Doll, and Espoir Dream

Hello! We meet again for Sorenka Artwork 2nd Anniversary Giveaway sponsor items review ^_^
The first batch of review are for Espoir Dream, D’Poupee, and Dandelion Dream Doll 🙂

First, D’Poupee. As we all have known, this one stop doll shop providing dolly items and other services is sponsoring a One-of-a-Kind bunny headband by ChocoxChouchou for this giveaway. This beautiful headband will be included in one of the YOSD Fukubukuro. I wonder who will be the lucky person to get this limited item? ^_^
p.s: Don’t forget to drop by D’Poupee and ChocoxChouchou’s page too!

(photo by ChocoxChouchou)

Next, Espoir Dream. This lovely dolly boutique is owned by her lovely owner, Monica.
For this giveaway Espoir Dream provides a very beautiful YOSD dress set. Make sure you drop by her page to check out her other creations too! ♥
Her handmade dresses are always lovely~


(photo by Espoir Dream)

And last but not least for this time’s review is Dandelion Dream Doll.
This lovely Etsy doll stuff shop is owned by the talented lady, Noviany~ You can drop by her Etsy to find out about her other creative work.
One special item that I really like is her biscuit bags, but this time for the giveaway, she provides an even better goodies. A beautiful MSD dress set for your MSD lady~~ This gorgeous dress set will be included in one of the MSD fukubukuro~


(photo by Dandelion Dream Doll)

So, in case you’re not yet joining, what are you waiting for! Go join Sorenka Artwork’s 2nd anniversary giveaway ^_^

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