Sponsors’ Review #4: Pitscraft, Bow & Button, Little Miss Joanna + Na7s & Darknaito

Sponsors’ Review #4: Pitscraft, Bow & Button, Little Miss Joanna + Na7s & Darknaito

We meet again for Sorenka Artwork 2nd Anniversary Giveaway sponsor items review number four ^_^
For today we will review five sponsors directly~
Pitscraft, Bow and Button, Little Miss Joanna, and the individual sponsors Nats Aswad and Darknaito~

First is Pitscraft.
Owned by talented Pits, her specialty is fluffy accessories for you and your doll. But visit her shop, there are lots of other items as well, as a result of her creative minds. My most favorite is the kitten ears. But for this time’s giveaway, Pits sponsors a very beautiful furry SD-sized cape, which can be worn two sides.
Review Pits
(photo by Pitsu)

She also give me one cape as a present! Thanks a lot, Pitsu! 😀Review Pits
(photo by me)

Second is Bow n Button
Just like her shop’s name, her specialty is in bow and buttons. She also sponsored items for other craft activities like scrapbooking, which she also give out for the second giveaway scrapbook set prize. But she’s also a dollie lover that loves to make doll accessories. One of her most beautiful creations are these flower crowns.Review Bow
(photo by me)

It is totally beautiful, isn’t it? 😀

Review Bow2(photo by me)

Third is Little Miss Joanna.
This cute shop is owned by my friend Anastasia. Little Miss Joanna provides cute handmade things for dolls, from cute dresses to cute bags, Anas can make it all ^_^ Other than that she also owns a scrapbooking service called Estebella.
Second time being a sponsor for Sorenka Artwork, this time Little Miss Joanna sponsors a very cute set for Pullip!

Review Miss Joanna

and also with Nats Aswad and DarkNaito.
Both of them are talented doll photographers (and for Darknaito: cosplayer)
Make sure you drop by Nats’ Deviantart account to check her crew out. My all-time favorite is Hassan 🙂 Apparently beside photography both of them also have the talent in accessories making. For this time’s giveaway Nats sponsored these beautiful handmade necklaces

Review Nats
(photo by Nats)

Darknaito also did a lot of awesome cosplays. Drop by her Deviantart to take a peek ^_^
And photos taken by her are also amazing. For this giveaway she sponsored several random doll items, including handmade MSD outfit, a cute little pink tophat, doll eyes and DoD photo cards.

Review Louisa
(photo by me)

It will be announced soon, the winner of this year’s giveaway!
Wish you luck! ^_^  Client Review 4

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