Sorenka Artwork and Craftโ€‹ Mini Valentine / White Day giveaway winner announcement is UP!

Valentine Poster Announce

– List of eligible participants –
Naufal Hardiansyah
Nelly Lina Arel
Kiki Adams
Ai Chan
Allison G
Ardi Bona
Sugoukari Kuroi
Cecillia Priscilla Cera
Widianto (FB)
Dicky Kurniawan (FB)

For all of you, I really am glad for your participation!
Thank you for joining the mini event. That means a lot really, for me, especially during these times (which are quite tough for me now and sometimes I feel like I want to just quit the hobby LOL). No, but don’t worry. I won’t yet stop painting dolls. That is one thing that I really love doing.

Originally, I pick Ardi Bona’s answer. His idea of love is the same with me.
For me, love is an answer for people’s search on the essence of peace.
Somehow, being in love makes you feel happy and painful (maybe at the same time). But since you still love that person, or that job, or anything else that you love, you decide to find the inner balance within yourself and decide to stay.

However, I agree with most of your answers (or some) about the concept of love. That love is a sacrifice, accepting one’s flaws fully, being understanding, giving but not expecting anything back. But most of all, yes, love is indescribable. And I can really see that all of you loves your dolls and the hobby ^_^

This is the reason why, not only 1 special Valentine package and 3 free faceups included, but there is an EXTRA PRIZE for all participants who joined: All other 10 participants (except the winners) are also subject to 50% discount for one faceup slot! ^_^

I decided to use Random.Org to raffle the remaining 3 free faceup coupons because there are less than 20 participants.

Random Valentine

As you can see, the winner of the 3 free faceups are:
Cecillia, Nelly, and Allison.
But since Ardi is a boy, and the giftbox is more suitable for a girl.. ๐Ÿ˜› and he needs the faceup more, I decided to SWITCH THE PRIZE.
Cecillia will get the Valentine giftbox, and Ardi + Nelly + Allison the 3 free faceup coupons ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much for your participation!
p.s: Contact me for prize redeem <3