Commission Information

Please take time to read my Commission Information, Commission Fee, and Terms and Condition tabs before you contact me.

♥ Services I provide:

  • Faceup / Repaint Service
    Completion time depends on project. 2 – 4 weeks time, may longer for complicated projects (or if the weather is not friendly). Please note that I have another full time work that also needs attention.
  • Super Express Faceup Service
    Guaranteed finished within 1 week after I receive the head (as long as terms and conditions met).
    Contact me for availability.
  • Tattoo service
    Black, white, or colorful tattoos in any parts of the doll’s bodies. Design need to be discussed first
  • Manicure – Pedicure
    Blushing and paintwork for hands and feet of your doll. Design need to be discussed first.
    But I can’t provide complicated nailwork for a doll with a nail size too small (like Barbie dolls)
  • Body Blushing
    Blushing and paintwork for partial parts of the body including bust, torso, abs.
    Contact me for availability.
  • Modding
    Only for Dollfie Dream heads – for personal custom work
  • Restringing Service
    Dis-assembly and re-assembly of your string BJD. Sometimes re-new the string if needed.
    Contact me for availability.

♥ Services I don’t provide:

  • Copy of another faceup artist’s works or my previous works
  • Perfect symmetrical faceup: exactly identical amount of lash stroke or lipline, perfectly mirrored eyebrows and eyeliners
  • Modding on resin dolls and Blythe / Pullip / other JunP dolls.
  • Any paintwork on modified dolls that is modified with epoxy resin
  • Complicated tattoo work
  • Skin color changing, for both heads and bodies of any dolls
  • Touch ups or additions to pre-existing faceups

♥ Materials I use:

  • Volks Zoukeimura, Mungyo, Reeves pastel
  • Volks Zoukeimura, Mr Color Acrysion, Reeves acrylic paint
  • Tamiya color enamel gloss
  • Shine pearl powder
  • Mr. Color Thinner
  • Mr. UV Cut Flat (depends on my stock)
  • Liquitex Matte Medium + Matte Varnish


♥ Dolls I accept:

  • Resin BJDs from most companies
  • Volks Dollfie Dream
  • Obitsu, and Parabox dolls
  • Nendoroid
  • Junplanning dolls (Pullip, Dal, Taeyang)
  • Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Monster High
  • Paola Reina dolls and many more.

I am really happy if I can get an opportunity to paint new doll heads that I never paint before 🙂
Especially rare or OOAK dolls.


♥ Faceup / Repaint Style :
I am most comfortable doing natural faceup, but other faceup type are great to be tried!
Goth, pale, beautiful, fantasy, I’m up for all challenge as long as I deem able to do it.


♥ Procedure

1. PM me your general request, or directly send the Commission Form to [email protected] / via Sorenka Artwork FB/Instagram.

2. I will reply you. Maybe altogether with invoice + put your doll in the slot list (Front page of Sorenka Artwork website + Facebook)

3. Send your doll items to me.

4. Pay all the fees invoiced in full before / once the doll arrived. Only after you complete the payment I will do your doll faceup.(first paid first served). Refer to Commission Fee for payment-related QnAs.

6. Progress faceup will be sent personally via Facebook message or email.
I will roughly send you 3-4 photos along the process: 30%, 60%, and 90%/completed work

  • 30%: foundation blush, skin texture: freckles, wrinkles, eyebrow blush.
    (some layers may need to be permanently sealed so it cannot be altered, but up to this point feel free too give inputs if you feel some parts really needs altering)
  • 60%: more detailed work: eyeliner, brow hair, eyelashes, lip lines + further contouring work
    (since I use acrylic paint, for several parts of the work can no longer be altered because acrylic is difficult to remove and redo without damaging the previous layers)
  • 90%/100%: shimmer and gloss
    You may add requests related to shimmer and gloss prior to final sealing process. By default I apply shimmer to GIRL dolls’: cheek, eye crease, lips and apply gloss to all dolls’: eye crease and sockets,lips, and nails.

7. I will send your head back home. If after I finish all the work, you don’t like it, please refer to Terms and Conditions under Revisions and Redo for further details.

8. I will upload the photos of completed work in Sorenka Artwork social media