Faceup Terms and Condition

Every artistic job require mutual trust between its clients and artists. By hiring me means you entrust your doll aesthetics to me, a faceup artist that is still learning (even after doing this stuff since 2012). There will always be imperfections, imbalance, dusts, maybe small scratches, uneven lines, because I know I am not the best. But I always do my best. (My perfect feedback doesn’t mean nothing)

Below are my terms and condition, please take time to read it. If you think I sound too harsh, or it is TL;DR.. Go further at your own risk, or feel free to walk out to look for another artist. After all these years I opened this service, there have been more ups rather than downs, more good experiences with clients rather than bad ones. But I don’t want to be taken for granted in this job anymore by anyone. If you don’t want to spend time to even read this page, I cannot trust you and spend time to work on your project. But if you do, thank you and I really appreciate the effort.


Revision and Redo of Paintwork

I can only make changes per your instruction to a layer of paintwork that is not sealed. That means, after I send you the faceup progress, directly state if there is anything that you dislike because once sealed, the ability to change a paintwork layer is really limited.

If you want any corrections or changes NOT due to my mistake (which means I have fulfilled your requests but you decide to make changes during the progress) AND it requires the sealed layers and all layers underneath need to be redone (or even need to be restarted from zero), this will be considered as SECOND COMMISSION PROJECT. The fee will be added to your first project. Faceup removal fee will be added as well to prepare the surface for the second project (if needed).

If even after the second commission project, you still dislike the result, that means I am not a suitable artist for you. I will wipe the faceup and return the head/doll parts to you.

Also, please note that I don’t offer second commissions for tattoo/mani-pedi/and body blushing service.


Acceptable Instructions

I accept GENERAL DIRECTIONS as requests
For example: I want a cool, calm expression, with an earthy-brown hue for the faceup / I want a happy, smily face, with colorful hue / I don’t want liplines / I want dark brown eyeliners / I want red lipstick

I don’t accept TOO SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS as requests
For example: I want the eyebrow to look exactly like this picture/The eyeliner need to be more arched upwards exactly like the reference picture/ I want the cheeks to be fuchsia in color, but not too orange/I want white lines painted at this specific place/Please reduce the eyeliner by 1 more mm/Still too red, please make it fuchsia color/The eyelashes are not balanced…..


If you are looking for an artist that you can dictate and command per step by step to create that perfect doll look that you want, please search for another artist that you consider more skillful than me. For you to avoid disappointment, and for me to avoid wasting my time.

If this is also the case that happened after I accept your project, I have all the rights to cancel your project because that means you didn’t read my terms and conditions. There will be no refund or discount or whatsoever if I decided to back out because of this reason especially if I have finished your face-up or make too many revisions already.


No rushing

I have another full time work which I need attention beside doll faceup, and like every other human being I also need a break. If you decide to hire me you agree not to rush me or keep bothering me with PMs, until I send the progress faceup of your doll to you. (Once or twice a week poke to ask for progress is acceptable, but if you can wait patiently, it is better)


Faceup care – prior arrival

All doll heads from me will be packed carefully using soft facial tissue paper or soft flexible plastic foam *which I considered the safest method to preserve the aesthetics of the doll* , plastic face protector, and bubblewrap. The cost of everything is already included in the faceup price.

Custom faceup and aesthetic works are required to be handled with care because they are delicate works. If there is any problem that occurs, please contact me within 1-2 days after you receive your package. Longer than that time period, I am not responsible for any damages caused.

If any damage to the aesthetics was due to the shipping method and handling during transit or custom, this is something beyond my control and it will not be my responsibility.

Faceup care – after arrival

It is your responsibility to maintain the aesthetics’ longevity and to conduct any maintenance. To best preserve your dolls’ aesthetics after it has arrived, I have some tips for you:

1. Avoid touching the painted areas with direct skin. And it is better if you have short nails to avoid scratching your doll’s paintwork.

2. Be careful when putting your doll’s wigs. Hold the doll ears or the temple of the heads when posing it to face left/right/up/down directions. Also avoid putting any scratching or abrasive materials and accessories on the painted parts, unless you really have to.

3. Avoid excessive water on the surface of paintwork. If you need to sprinkle some water on it for any reason, let it dry naturally, use hair dryer on medium-low temperature, or absorb it with the edge of a tissue paper (DON’T RUB IT).

4. Use soft cheek blush brush to brush away light dusts on your doll surface or just blow it away.

5. To clean scuff, finger marks, and annoying black dust beads, scrub slowly with magic block eraser. Don’t scrub too hard or you may abrade the faceup sealant.

6. I use sealant with UV protection, but this doesn’t mean your doll is safe from direct sunlight and yellowing process. Avoid putting your doll under excessive lamp light / spot light and under direct sunlight for too long a time.

7. At any cost, don’t let acetone, cajuput or eucalyptus oil, and alcohol drips on the surface of the paintwork.



By hiring me, that means you agree to indemnify me against any damages or loss of your doll parts when they are still in the delivery process, either to me or from me.

I will do my best to help you from my end to contact the post office / courier and to find out what has happened to your package but I am not responsible for very late arrival or any loss.



I own the right to any photos of the completed or part completed works on your doll and I may/may not publish them either in this website or elsewhere as part of my portfolio at my discretion. If the photos are published, a description of the doll’s sculpt name will be put permanently in the photos (just like my old portfolio) and owner’s name (or the name you leave in the contact form) will be published in the social media posts.

Contact me in advance if you prefer me to use another name or not wish for these photos to be published.

For everyone that has read all the terms above and reached this point, I thank you for your time.
If these terms and condition are acceptable and you still want to hire me, contact me anytime ? I will try my best to response you within 48 hours