Announcing Sorenka Artwork 2nd Anniversary Giveaway (1) Winners!

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Once again, I want to say my thanks to sponsors and participants! (≧▽≦)ゞ
Just like my dream last year, this year’s giveaway become bigger in scale. (´・ω・`) Hopefully I can hold another giveaway last year, with an even bigger scale and with more participants! Thank you so much and keep supporting Sorenka Artwork!

So, to cut things short, here’s the awaited moment, the giveaway winners for both raffles!
I will contact you directly via e-mail or Facebook to get to the next step, to redeem your prize! Or you may contact me~ :D
And so, beforehand, congratulations to all winners! (o≧∇≦)o

Yume 02

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Grand Prize for 2nd Anniversary Giveaway: OOAK Obitsu Doll

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Grand prize photo revelation for Sorenka Artwork’s 2nd anniversary giveaway:
Custom OOAK Obitsu doll by Sorenka Artwork and Imstudio Adsfactory

Don’t forget, there’s still 3 days time (until June 30) to join the giveaway and maybe you’re lucky enough to be her new master ^_^ Drop by to join the Giveaway!

Prize Revelation

Click below to see more photos of this cutie~ 😀

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Sorenka Artwork 2nd Anniversary Giveaway (2)

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If I retraced my memories, back then in 2009, I could only squealed at the beautiful pictures of dolls and could only dreamed to be able to work in this industry one day. After two years learning on how to paint a doll head,  I first started Sorenka Artwork with hope for this tiny dream to become true.

A year passed by, first Sorenka Artwork giveaway, totally glad my artwork received a warm welcome from dolly community.
Lots of dolly friends, acquaintances, supporters, clients, new and old come and go…. Lots of ups and downs but I was really happy following where Sorenka Artwork took me to where I am now.

2015 and onwards? No one can predict, I guess. But for sure, Sorenka Artwork will always continue to provide the best for their customers and keep improving (≧▽≦)ゞ

Client Finale Giveaway 2

For Sorenka Artwork’s faceup clients, this second giveaway is special for you.
It is a form of my thanks to all of you for supporting Sorenka Artwork these two years (*^∇^*) ♥♥♥
Being Sorenka Artwork’s client means you help my little dream to survive and to become a bigger dream. Only because all of you are here, Sorenka Artwork exists and will still be exist in the future.

There will be only one special client that will be chosen as the winner of this giveaway.

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